Windows 11 22h2: a detailed review

Aamir Khan

Windows 11 22H22

Windows 11 is constantly working to improve its user experience by releasing updates to its Windows version. Microsoft has recently released its latest version of Windows 11 22h2. They are constantly removing the bugs from their OS as realizing new updates of Windows 11 versions. Windows 11 22H2 is the next most significant release to Windows 11, and in this update, they try to improve the interface, user experience, security, productivity, and other aspects.

Windows 11 is the latest OS from the platform of Microsoft. It is recently released, so it should have too many bugs. Microsoft released Windows 11 with improved performance and functionality in the year 2021.

To install Windows 11 to enjoy the latest features and performance, you should have the latest system to meet Windows 11 installation requirements. If you meet the minimum requirements to install Windows 11, you can directly upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without any intermediate steps.

Windows 11 is more advanced, easy to use, and secure, with great new features and performances.

Let’s discuss some key features expected to roll out in Windows 11 22H2.

Windows 11 22H2: An Overview

Windows 11 22h2

Windows 11 22h2 is the major update, free for Windows 11 users. Microsoft released Windows 11 on October 18, 2022, with build 22621.675, and implemented several further changes. Codenamed “Sun Valley 2”, Windows 11 22H2 will bring new enhancements and features to improve productivity, usability, security, and other aspects to elevate user experience.

Now you can join Windows Insider Program to check and use the version of Windows before its final and official release. So, if you are a Windows Insider, this build is available in the Release Preview Channel through the “seeker” experience in the update. 

Insiders within the Channel with the necessary hardware requirements for Windows 11 can easily upgrade to the latest version, Windows 11 22H2. They can accomplish this by accessing the “Settings” section, navigating to Windows Update, and selecting the option to download and install the new version. Subsequently, they will receive subsequent updates automatically through Windows Update.

Features of Windows 11 22h2

The release of this version of Windows 11 introduced the following features:

1. Start menu changes

This update brings new options to customize the ” Recommended ” section in the Start menu. This is Windows’ default feature, and you can’t remove or disable this feature, but you can choose one of the three options. By using them, you can pin more items and fewer recommendations.

  • By utilizing the “More Recommendations” feature, users can access two rows of pins and discover additional items that may be useful. This option expands the scope of suggested content, providing users with a broader range of recommendations to explore.
  • “More Pins” will offer just one row of items and more pins
  • “Default” offers three rows of both recommended and pin items
  • There’s another option to refresh the menu items, and you can quickly access your system with “Sign-in options” included in the power menu settings.

The following items were also seen in the update:

  • “Windows Ease of Access” to “Accessibility”
  • “Windows Media Player” to “Windows Media Player Legacy”
  • “Windows Terminal” to “Terminal”

Moreover, you can add and remove applications to any folder.

2. New Home Page

The Home page has replaced Quick Access and introduced many new fresh icons. However, have the same functionality and quick access as having the pinned folder and files. The file name has been replaced with “Favorites and Recent,” which contains all the recently saved files locally stored on your cloud or device that is currently running.

You can easily access the recent or favorites from the file explorer. Additionally, it will display the content from downloads, one drive, and index locations virtually. Here it will also display the activity updates.

3. Taskbar improvements

Windows 11 taskbar closely resembles the Taskbar of MAC OS, and in the 22h2 update, you can increase and decrease volume by hovering the mouse on the volume icon and scrolling the mouse wheel to adjust the volume. That’s a great idea to increase and decrease volume without going into the setting or clicking over the volume icon.

There are also changes in the flyout- Quick Setting. It might include an option to help you open the setting page – “Bluetooth & Devices” If you right-click on the Bluetooth icon, there will place an icon just next to the volume icon, and this will help you a lot in discovering the options more easily.

Moreover, given changes are also made in hardware indicators;

  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Camera Controls
  • Privacy
  • Aeroplane Mode
  • Light and dark colour modes

In the latest update, they have removed the keyboard options from the flyout of the Taskbar.

“Apps & Features” are replaced with “Installed app” in the quick link option. If CMD is unavailable,, you will see the Windows PowerShell, and notice that your system’s average battery life has also been displayed there.

4. Taskbar Overflow

Windows 11 22h2

Introducing the Taskbar Overflow option, a convenient way to switch between apps and launch them when the Taskbar has limited space. This feature lets you visualize all your applications in a single location, providing a comprehensive view. Additionally, the menu offers various Taskbar behaviors, including support for app pinning, an extended interface, jump lists, and more. These enhancements make managing and accessing your apps even more seamless and efficient.

5. Task manager

In the latest version of Windows 11 22h2, the Task Manager has been redesigned in a desktop style. It features a hamburger-style navigation and settings page. It also includes “efficiency mode” instead of “Eco mode” to help limit resource consumption and prioritize apps.

You can see a blue accent for better readability to highlight the processor.

6. Notification centre

In this update, changes have been made in the “Notification Centre” to improve the experience of viewing the names of applications. The acrylic background is added to update the design and to make it more relaxed. Moreover, even the animation in the notification centre has also been updated– Windows Hello – when you set up the feature.

The Microsoft team is trying to update the notification system where you can see the 3 highest priority notifications will be stacked simultaneously. Now here are displayed a total of 4 notifications, one with normal importance while the other 3 are of the highest priority.

7. Drag and drop

A new feature allows you to easily create application folders on the Taskbar by dragging one app onto another, similar to the functionality found on many smartphones. Furthermore, dragging and dropping files between windows is now possible by hovering over applications on the Taskbar. Additionally, this feature provides customization options for personalizing your Taskbar with different applications. Moreover, when running multiple apps or utilizing split-screen functionality, you can conveniently view all the shared windows, enhancing multitasking capabilities.

8. SAC

This update provides enhanced security through the new feature Smart App Control which will block suspicious and corrupted apps.

9. Live captions

This is a fantastic feature that helps you to understand audio by generating captions of the voice which is being played. You can also personalize the caption window.

10. Voice Access

This recently added feature allows you to control your system with your voice, like opening apps, switching them, dictating emails, and more.

There are also other features added in the new updates, and a list of all of them is given below;

  • Power and battery
    • Updated battering changes indicate
    • There is a lightning bolt instead of a cable on the battery icon during charging.
  • Bluetooth
    • By clicking on Bluetooth, you will be directed to the page to view all available devices.
  • Start page
  • Accounts
  • DND
  • Focus
  • Touch gestures
  • Snap layouts
  • Multitasking
  • Updated File Explorer
  • Tab support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Redesigned Navigation
  • Context menu changes
  • “Open With” dialogue
  • Suggested actions
  • OneDrive integration
  • Previews
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • System improvements

Windows 11 22H2 brings a multitude of enhancements across various aspects including usability, interface, system performance, productivity, and security. Users can expect to experience an array of improvements that enhance their overall Windows experience. These updates aim to make the operating system more user-friendly, with an improved interface that offers seamless and intuitive user interaction. System performance optimizations ensure smoother operation, while productivity features enhance efficiency and streamline workflows. Additionally, robust security enhancements bolster the overall protection of the system, safeguarding user data and privacy. These improvements collectively contribute to a more refined and enhanced Windows 11 22H2 experience.

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