What is Windows 11 S mode, and how to use it?

Aamir Khan

Microsoft recently launched Windows 11, with great new features and a relaxed look. S mode is a new Windows 11 feature that aims to protect and secure your system. It limits the software installed on your device to only approved apps from the Microsoft store, minimizing the risk of malware and viruses.

But if you want to enjoy all features of Windows 11, then we recommend you disable it. Today in this guide, we will know what Windows 11 S mode is and how to use it properly.

This feature is available in Windows 11 Home edition, while Windows 11 Pro, Enterprise, and Education do not support S mode.

What Is Windows 11 S Mode?

The S mode in Windows 11 provides a secure environment for your computer. As a result, it allows you to download and install only approved apps, ensuring maximum safety. Moreover, almost all new computers have S mode activated by default to maintain the device’s security.

A warning will appear if you use an unapproved app on Windows 11. This pop-up notification will inform you that the app is not approved and redirect you to the Microsoft store. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious while downloading applications and install only the approved ones from the store. If such an app is necessary for your daily work and unavailable in the Microsoft store, then you should disable S mode to install that app on your system.

How to Check S Mode on My Computer?

Now if you are wondering whether your PC is in activated mode or not, then follow the given steps;

  • Click on the start button or press the Windows key on the keyboard.
Windows 11 S mode
  • Click on settings.
Windows 11 S mode
  • On the left side of the settings windows, click on  System, and by scrolling down, you will find an option About, click on it.
Windows 11 S mode
  • Now in the Windows specifications section, check the edition of your Windows 11 that you are currently running. If it says S mode, then your device has active S mode.
Windows 11 S mode

Steps to Disable Windows S Mode

However, if your system is currently in Windows S mode, you may not be able to access all the features available on Windows 11. To unlock the full potential of your device, you can follow the given steps to disable S mode in Windows 11. By doing so, you can install and use any application you choose without restrictions and take advantage of all the features Windows 11 offers.

  • Click the start menu or press the win key on the keyboard.
  • Select settings.
Windows 11 S mode
  • Click on Activation.
  • Choose Upgrade your edition of Windows. Now follow the on-screen instructions to disable Windows S mode.

What are the Restrictions for S Mode?

While S mode enhances your system’s security by limiting potentially harmful activities, it also imposes several restrictions you should consider before enabling it on your Windows 11 OS. For instance, S mode limits your app installations to the Microsoft Store, which means you cannot install apps from other sources. Additionally, S mode restricts the use of specific software and may limit some functionalities of your device. Despite these limitations, S mode is an effective security measure that can prevent unwanted malware and viruses from infecting your system.

  • You are allowed to download and install only those apps that are approved and available in the Microsoft Store.
  • In S mode, you can only use the Microsft Edge browser.
  • The search engine that you can use is only Bing.
  • You can’t enjoy the full features of your OS and can’t access advanced features like Windows Terminal or the Windows Registry.

Benefits of S Mode?

S mode has many benefits if you have enabled it for your system. A few are listed below;

  • It is similar to don’t disturb mode in androids because they stay focused on work or study.
  • It limits the prohibited apps so that your children can’t access them.
  • If you are going to download some files from the internet, then if you have enabled S mode, it first scans this file, and if this file is infected, you can’t download it.
  • Your system will take much less time to boot up in this mode.

How to Install Apps in S Mode

As we have discussed earlier, in S mode, we can only download and install apps available on the Microsoft Store. Follow the steps below to install apps in S mode.

  • Open the Microsoft Store app. You can easily find it in the start menu by clicking the win key.
  • Here you will see the list of featured apps, or you can use the search bar to search for the app you want to install.
Windows 11 S mode
  • Select the app you want. If it’s free, select Get to download the app. If the app costs money, select Buy and choose a payment method to begin the download.

Now the apps will be downloaded and installed automatically if you click the get button.

If you don’t like this feature, you can uninstall it, but if you want to return to your previous OS, you can uninstall Windows 11.

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