Top 3 Refurbished Gaming PC Under $500

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refurbished gaming pc

If you have some issues and can’t afford a brand new PC for your gaming experience to build your dream PC, then you should have to heed the Refurbished Gaming PCs even if you don’t want to plunge into hunting parts of a pc to develop your own. Then a refurbished PC is a good choice for you.

If you come across a sufficiently favourable deal that originates from a reliable and reputable store and seller, and if you are at ease with the fact that it essentially constitutes a previously owned product (albeit one that has been professionally inspected and tested, among other things), convert it into the active voice.

Today we will show you the refurbished gaming PC deal we found on different markets. This guide will clarify common questions on refurbished PCs, so be with us.

1. HP RGB Gaming Desktop (RTX 2060)

You can see its more images and complete specifications at Amazon. Here you can also check the full price list with installed parts of this PC.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB GDDR6)

CPU: Intel Core i7 6600 Quad-Core (3.2GHz – 3.6GHz)


Storage: 128GB SSD + 2TB HDD

Other: WiFi, Bluetooth, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 10 Pro

On Amazon, this is currently the best-refurbished PC under 500$, as it includes an RTX 2060 graphics card along with 16GB of RAM and an i7. All these specifications make a solid 1080p gaming experience or an excellent entry-level gaming desktop for the best VR gaming headsets, such as the Oculus/Meta Quest 2. Suppose you have a slightly higher budget and are considering investing in a gaming desktop with an RTX 3060 or RX 6600. In that case, we recommend exploring the top new prebuilt gaming PCs for our recommendations on more powerful systems.

2. Dell RGB Gaming Desktop (GTX 1660 Ti)

The total price and its parts with images are shown on Amazon with excellent descriptions. So check it out first.

Refurbished Gaming PCs

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (6GB GDDR6)

CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 Quad-Core (3.3GHz – 3.7GHz)


Storage: 128GB SSD + 2TB HDD

Other: WiFi, Bluetooth, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 10 Pro

This Refurbished Gaming PC boosts your gaming experience with a decent GTX 1660 Ti. It will provide a good quality FPS(frames per second) with 1080p resolution with medium to high settings. The processor is a little older, as with most refurbished deals, as is the memory (it’s DDR3), but this setup still holds up okay in modern games and is more than enough for less demanding games like many eSports and competitive games.

3. Dell Optiplex Gaming PC (RX 550)

This is also present on Amazon, where you can see its detailed specifications.

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 550 (4GB GDDR5)

CPU: Intel Core i5 2600 Quad-Core (3.4GHz – 3.8GHz)


Storage: 128GB SSD + 2TB HDD

Other: WiFi, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 10 Pro

If you are looking for cheap and low-graphics games, this is affordable. This cheap refurbished PC is designed for old games and provides 1080p resolution with the support of a Radeon RX 550 graphics card. It is only the second generation with an i7 processor and DDR3 RAM,  but it’ll hold up okay for modern gaming, thanks to the RX 550. Don’t expect 60FPS on high settings in the most graphically demanding games. For light gaming, this may be all you need.

Honourable Mentions

The refurbished prebuilt PCs listed below didn’t quite make it to our top recommendations, but they came close and are still worth mentioning if they align with your requirements. We arranged them in descending order based on graphics performance, from the most powerful to the least.

Dell Gaming Desktop GTX 1660 Ti

HP RGB Gaming Desktop GTX 1660 Super

Lenovo Gaming Desktop GTX 1660 Super

HP RGB Gaming Desktop RX 580

Dell RGB Gaming Desktop RX 5500 XT

Lenovo Gaming Desktop GTX 1650

What is a Refurbished PC(computer)?

A refurbished item is a pre-owned product that’s been evaluated, cleaned, repaired, upgraded (in some cases), and resold. These products also have their data wiped and drives restored to the factory settings for computers and mobile devices. There’s no official standard for what exactly constitutes a refurbished product, though, so depending on the store/seller, it could specifically mean either:

  • A customer returns a product that has nothing wrong with it, for example, if they changed their mind or didn’t like it.
  • A product that had a defect fixed by the manufacturer
  • A product damaged in transit or whilst on display that’s been fixed by the manufacturer

Hence, the key lies in thoroughly reviewing a specific store’s policy concerning refurbished products and assessing each refurbished deal individually to determine its worth. Since it is typically challenging to ascertain the complete history of a refurbished item, a general guideline is to consider purchasing refurbished hardware solely from trusted stores. This ensures that the products have undergone professional repairs and/or testing, offering some form of guarantee.

Is it worth buying Amazon Renewed PCs?

When it comes to Amazon, they sell refurbished products under the name “renewed.” In Amazon’s context, refurbished and renewed essentially mean the same thing. According to Amazon, these renewed products undergo professional inspection, testing, and cleaning to ensure they function and appear like new. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a replacement or refund within 90 days.

Determining whether it’s worth buying a renewed gaming PC on Amazon or a refurbished computer from any other store ultimately boils down to personal preference and your comfort level with purchasing used products. Customers who have had positive experiences with refurbished products generally consider it safe to buy from reputable platforms like Amazon. This is due to Amazon’s high-quality standards and positive track record. It’s important to note that not just any random seller can list refurbished products on Amazon.

However, it’s essential to remain cautious and conduct proper research when dealing with renewed products on Amazon, as they are sold by third-party sellers. While Amazon may have approved these sellers to sell refurbished goods, it is advisable for you to examine their seller reviews and gather information about their service, trustworthiness, and feedback from other customers.

Naturally, it’s crucial not to make impulsive purchases without comparing prices and exploring different stores. If the refurbished gaming desktop is not significantly discounted compared to the new version of the same model, it might not be worth the potential trouble and hassle of returning it if any issues arise, despite its supposed repairs and fixes.

There are a lot of differences between used and refurbished things, items and parts. Because the refurbished parts are checked professionally tested and fixed where it is needed. There is also almost every refurbished part like SSDs, monitors, HDD, and many more for your use.

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