How to Update drivers in Windows 11

Aamir Khan

Sometimes our OS and other connected devices slow down for many reasons. You can also identify an outdated OS or driver as the primary and significant reason for this issue. Everything, with time, slows down due to many bugs and errors. In this article, we will learn how to Update drivers in Windows 11. We will interact with windows 11 OS and show you how to update your drivers under windows 11.

If you want to add any hardware device to your windows 11 PC, you should have to install its driver, or if it is already installed, then you need to update its driver to the latest version so that it works smoothly and without giving any error.

You typically don’t require driver updates.

There is no need to update any driver you need; it is essential for your work. Typically, updating the graphics card driver and any other relevant drivers is recommended to ensure optimal performance and avoid compatibility issues. By updating that, you can solve any error or fix some issues in the device.

There are also chances that an update can break the process that is already working fine. So be careful and don’t break any already working cycle.

How to Update drivers in Windows 11

There are many different methods of updating drivers in windows. We will ultimately show you how you can update drivers in update 11.

1. From Windows Update

This is the safest and most straightforward way to update drivers in Windows 11. Moreover, Windows 11 has a built-in app/feature that automatically updates device drivers via Windows Update. So if there is any little or minor update by the company windows, take care of it the next time you update your PC.

Moreover, Microsoft has an agreement with all the device manufacturing companies, so whenever these companies release any new version of their device driver, windows do.

You can easily update device drivers from windows update if anyone is not updated by regular updates when your OS gets any update. But if you face any error or difficulty in editing, then follow this guide;

  • Click windows+i to open the setting.
  • Now the setting windows will open. Click on the windows update.
  • Then, click on the advanced option from the side menu from windows update.
Update drivers in Windows 11
  • Now in the Advanced option, scroll down and click on optional updates.
Update drivers in Windows 11
  • You will see the option driver updates in the optional updates sections. Click on the header of this option to expand it. You will see a list of all drivers installed on your device. Browse the driver and click the check mark on the driver which you want to update. After you have done everything, click the Download and Install option in the down section.
Update drivers in Windows 11

After windows have completed this process, it will automatically install it, and if necessary, windows will also ask for a reboot. Now you have done the selected drivers update. Also, there you can’t see all the driver’s updates. So if you need any driver to update and can’t find that driver here, follow the given section.

From where to Download and Install Device Drivers Manually

In most cases, all drivers all not shown in the windows update section, like the driver for graphics card windows will not show. So here, the problem is downloading and installing these drivers. The best place to download and check for these drivers to update is their official website.

On these websites, first, check for support and then search for “downloads,” “updates,” or “drivers” for your device.

Also, make sure you are using the original website to download your device’s drivers because some fake sites install malware on your device instead of updating it. Driver update utilities you might find online are worthless and full of scams or malware.

So, first of all, download a driver package from the trusted website for your device. We recommend you download the official website of your device manufacturer. After extracting the program, the next step is to install it in order to run it. Once installed, the update process will automatically prompt any necessary updates.

In the case of graphics cards like  NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel, there will be installed utility with the update program, which enables the quick updates of drivers in future. You can update your GPU drivers from a dependable source using this program as new games are released.

Update Drivers from Device Manager

If you still can’t find the device driver you want to update from the above two methods, you can find any device driver installed on your PC from the Device manager. Some people don’t need to do that because they have already solved their issues using the above methods.

To update the device’s driver from the device manager, follow the given guide;

  • Press the Windows button from your keyboard and start typing Device Manager, then click enter.
  • Now in the Device manager, browse for the installed devices on your system. Choose the device for which you want to update its driver. Right-click it and select “Update Driver.”
Update drivers in Windows 11
  • After clicking on the update drivers, there will be windows with the following two options.

Search automatically for drivers

If you click on this option, Windows will automatically search for compatible drivers and install them automatically.

Browse my computer for drivers

If you have already downloaded the driver, save it in any directory on your computer. Then choose this option and manually specify where you downloaded the driver file.

Update drivers in Windows 11

If you select the “Search automatically for drivers,” the windows will start searching for updated drivers for your device.

If it can’t find any driver, the message will be “The best drivers for your device are already installed.” It says that your device driver is up to date, but you can still find updates by clicking “Search for updated drivers on Windows Update,” which will open the Settings > Windows Update menu. Otherwise, click “Close.”

If you select “Browse my computer for drivers,” you should have to provide the driver’s location where it is stored or if you have already downloaded it.

Update drivers in Windows 11

After selecting the driver, your windows will check it for compatibility with your system. Windows will present you with a list of compatible drivers you can choose from for the device. Select an item in the list and click “Next.”

If you see this “The best drivers for your device are already installed,” no updates are important for your system. Now you can close this process, and you are up to date. If it is a new version, it will be installed automatically, and after installation is completed, windows will ask for a reboot. 

After rebooting, you can see that driver is now up to date. You can also update drivers in windows 10 similarly by following its guide.

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