How to unlock your android phone when you forget its password

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When you get locked in and forget the password, you can’t do anything except go to the technician, but we have brought many solutions at your fingertips that you can do on your own without any problem or loss. This article will explain how to unlock your android phone when you forget its password.

You will learn how to unlock your android phone even if you forget its password, pin code, pattern, or any security you set up for your android, don’t worry. We have the solution for you and many potential ways to eliminate and make these irritating problems easier for you.

Nowadays, modern android phones provide other options to unlock your device, like biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition)

If you fail to open in these ways, then we have several ways to solve your problem here;

1-Google Find My Device

How to unlock your android phone when you forget its password? by Google find my device.

The first and immediate solution that comes to mind is Google Find My Device, previously known as an android device manager. You’ll need to sign in to your google account to find this; this feature will work only on modern devices. You can access this feature on any device and anywhere you want. Your device’s location must be on and connected to the network(wifi or data).

In the Google Find My Device main dashboard, you will see a list of your devices already set up and connected. Now select the device that you want to secure and unlock. Tap erase the device and confirm your choice. Now you can set up to update your password and set up a new one. There is a risk of losing some of your device’s data, like files or photos, but you can recover them through your google account.

If your manager is not working or not picking up your device, refresh the page and connect again, and if still not working, then hard restore the site by clearing cookies and cache by pressing CTRL=F5, which removes the store too.

2. Check if Smart Lock is enabled

A smart lock is a feature of new android mobiles to open without any password in different cases like recognized location and some other things that are recognized by your smartphone, and it opens automatically. However, the user must manually add this feature to function correctly before it becomes locked.

If you want to pamper your device in the future, follow these steps to set up a smart lock on your device.

Settings > Security & lock screen > Smart lock.

You can select any one option shown in the above pic

  • On-body detection – Keep your device unlocked while it’s on you.
  • Trusted places –The user should add a location where the device will be unlocked.
  • Trusted devices – Add a device to keep this one open when it’s nearby.

3. The ‘Forgot Pattern’ Feature

How to unlock your android phone when you forget its password? By fogot pattern feature

If you are using an older android phone version, you can use forget pattern features only for an older version below 4. If you fail to provide the five times correct patterns, then an option in the lower right side of the mobile will appear as an option saying forgot pattern.

Please select this option, and after it provides all your details about your Google account, you reset your pattern.

4. Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

How to unlock your android phone when you forget its password? By Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

If you have a Samsung device, this is a perfect option, and it works smoothly and without any error, but if you haven’t set up the device to find a feature, then this will not work.

Click on the device which you want to unlock. This will delete any other password that you set up on your device. Now confirm what you select, and then your device will be unlocked. This option is far more accessible and more straightforward than all others.

5. The Factory Reset

How to unlock your android phone when you forget its password? through factory reset.

Now we are going to move toward more extreme conditions. Last, without that, we don’t have any option left, but you should have adequately backed up your data, and then we reset it.

Here are some points to ponder upon before factor reset so that it will not face any error.

  • Ensure your phone or tablet has at least a 30% charge
  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down to and select Backup & reset
  • Tap Factory data reset
  • Select Reset phone
  • Select Erase everything
  • If you have a Google password, you will be prompted to enter it now.

Now login to your google account and back up or recover any lost data you already backed up. And set up a new password or biometric credentials.

6. Bypassing a non-stock lock screen with Recovery Mode

If you have any problem with the lock screen, you can bypass it while rebooting your device.

Long-press the volume and power buttons together, slide the option up and down with the volume button, and press the power button at the recover option. Now password will be removed, and you can now update your password.

For more details, check your android manufacturer.

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