How to uninstall Windows 11

Aamir Khan

If you upgraded your OS to the Microsft latest OS version(windows 11) and, by chance, you don’t like it due to many performance issues and bugs that cause irritability. And you want to go back to the previous version of Windows. This article thoroughly explains How to uninstall Windows 11 and then go back to your previous versions of Windows, whatever you installed earlier than this update to Windows 11.

This may be due to many reasons that you want to go back to your earlier installed operating system and want to experience its setting and other features. So don’t worry if you want to go back and follow this guide.

Back-Up Your Data

Returning to our earlier OS, we need to create a data backup. As we are going to uninstall Windows 11, we recommend that you create a backup. During the reverting process, it is possible that your data may or may not be restored. So we highly recommend you begin a backup and proceed to the next.

You can create and save this backup to many devices, like on One drive in the external hard drive and on a USB drive. After we have returned to our old OS, you can restore data from these saved devices to your computer. Remember that your third-party software will not be fixed. So you must install it manually when you return to your old OS.

How can I switch back to Windows 10?

If before installing or upgrading to Windows 11, you have Windows 10 installed on your computer, and now you want to return to the earlier one, follow these simple steps.

  • Press the Windows key from your keyboard, click on the start, start typing Settings, then click enter.
  • Now setting window will be open to you, and here scroll down and locate the Recovery bar on the right. Click Recovery.
uninstall Windows 11
  • Here on the recovery page, you will see many system settings options.
  • Now find and select Go Back under Recovery to return to your previous Operating System.
uninstall Windows 11
  • Now follow the steps and then complete the restoration process.
uninstall Windows 11

After the completion of the process, you have successfully reverted back to your previous windows or Microsft.

Uninstall Windows 11 and install another OS

If due for some reason there is no option to go back or you want to move toward another Operating System, then first we should need to uninstall Windows 11 and then again install the OS which we want to install on our system.

To uninstall Windows 11 and install another OS, Advanced Startup will help us. It will uninstall Windows 11 and allow you to change the system’s settings as well as install another operating system.


It’s recommended you back up any data, personal files, or third-party apps you have on your Windows 11 computer as installing a new OS will revert everything back to its factory settings.

  • Go to the setting menu and then click on the recovery option.
  • Search and click on Advanced Startup which is below the Go Back button and select Restart Now.
  • A pop-up will appear that states to save your work and also create a backup, follow as it is, and then click on the restart when you have done all recommendations.
uninstall Windows 11
  • When you restart your computer, it will display a menu with various options. You will need to select your preferred method of installing the other operating system and modify its configurations. In this tutorial, we will opt for the Use a Device option.
uninstall Windows 11
  • Now you can see there are given many methods to install your new OS, here we choose CD/DVD ROM to install our new operating system.
uninstall Windows 11
  • Now after you select your system will take a few seconds to reboot. And then, you should follow on-screen commands/prompts to install your new OS to replace Windows 11.

How To Reinstall Windows 10?

Now you know that a computer always works with the help of OS. So if you have Windows 10 then we need to install Windows 10 again on your computer. Create a Windows 10 DVD or a USB drive before you uninstall Windows 11 or use another computer to make one.

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