How to take Screenshot in Windows 11

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There are also a few moments when you must capture a specific part or even the entire screen of your laptop, highlight it, and then share it with your friends or coworkers. Windows 11 also provide this feature to capture a complete or specific part of the screen. There is also a built-in feature, and you can use third-party software to Take Screenshot in Windows 11.

Some people readily use the default Windows snipping tool because it fulfills their needs. At the same time, many don’t feel comfortable using the windows default tool to take screenshots or any other setting. Windows 11 also allow users to use other third-party apps for their needs and in the growing environment. So in this guide, we will talk about windows built-in apps and third-party apps.

1. Use the Print Key to take Screenshot in Windows 11

This is the most straightforward way to take screenshot in windows 11. Most laptops and keyboards come with a built-in unique key to take screenshots. Look for the PrtSc key on your keyboard. On pressing it, your whole screen will be captured. But this doesn’t allow you to capture a specific screen part.

Save Screenshots to OneDrive

Using OneDrive, you can store all screenshots in the Microsoft cloud storage. This is an easy way and safe way to keep all your data. Given is the process of how you can save screenshots in one drive;

  • In the taskbar, click on the OneDrive icon.
  • Click the setting button and open settings.
take Screenshot in Windows 11
  • Turn on the ‘Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive’ option.
take Screenshot in Windows 11

2. Use the Snipping Tool to Take Screenshots on Windows 11

The PrtSc key is an easy and short method to take screenshots of your screen, but here is the problem: by using the PrtSc key, you cannot take screenshots of a specific part. To overcome this problem, use the snipping tool to capture any part of your screen.

  • To launch the snipping tool, press Windows + Shift + S keys together, activating the snipping tool in the background.
  • Now use your mouse cursor to specify the screen area or part you want to capture, and you will see a notification confirming the same.
take Screenshot in Windows 11
  • If you want to edit some settings in the tool, click the notification.
  • You can edit it and use a different editing tool, like pen stroke, to highlight something.
take Screenshot in Windows 11
  • Once you make relevant changes, press Ctrl + S keys to open the destination folder in the File Explorer menu.

Now you can send this screenshot using the windows share menu.

How to Add Borders to Multiple Screenshots at Once

You also have the option to add borders to each screenshot automatically. You need to make some changes to the setting menu.

  • Click on the windows key, start typing Snipping Tool, then enter.
  • Click the three-dot menu and open Settings.
take Screenshot in Windows 11
  • Click the toggle to enable ‘Add border to each screenshot.’
  • Also, you can edit the border colors and thickness in this menu.

This tool is free; you can take screenshots as many as you want. Also, this tool provides you with the facility of screen recording.

3. Take Screenshots in Microsoft Edge Browser

The default browser of Microsoft windows has a default screen-capturing feature. So you don’t need to take screenshots by snipping tool or any other third-party app. What you need to do is explain here;

  • Open the default Microsoft browser that is Microsft edge, in your OS(which is, of course, windows)
  • Now that you have opened something in your browser and want to capture this screen click the camera icon at the top.
  • Now you can capture the whole screen or the specific part you want to capture.
  • You can copy the screenshot, open markup tools, or use Bing Visual search to learn more about the picture.
  • You can also edit this image like to highlight some parts of the image.

Using the same method, you can also take screenshots in the Edge of MacOS.

4. Use NexSnap to Capture the Screen on Windows 11

We have already discussed that dozens of free and paid screen capturing and screen recording third-party software are in the market for the windows platform. We found NexSnap a modern and feature-rich alternative to the Snipping Tool. Let’s check it out.

take Screenshot in Windows 11
  • There are various ways to enhance your pictures, such as experimenting with gradient backgrounds, incorporating stunning wallpapers from Unsplash, applying unique filters, and utilizing various annotation tools to add details.
take Screenshot in Windows 11
  • NexSnap enables you to add frames of other OS like OS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux frames to create perfect mockups.

NexSnap is free to use, but its free version is limited. To enjoy its full features, you should buy its paid plan starting at $9.99 annually.

If you feel that the windows default tool to take screenshots is not giving what you want and is limited, then use the third-party apps, which are also free and paid.

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