How to Reset Windows 11 to Factory Setting

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We continuously use the system without updating it, and due to many other issues, our system slows down, and there are too many performance issues in it, and it doesn’t work as before. So, in this case, when we wanted that, it gave us the performance as when we had newly installed windows 11. So we need to reset windows 11 to the factory setting to avoid data loss.

Several circumstances may prompt Windows professionals to perform a factory reset on one or more Windows 11 desktops or laptops.

By definition, a factory reset restores the target PC to the same condition it was in when it first left the factory. The action removes any settings, preferences, and other customizations users made after the device’s arrival. Any applications that users installed will likewise no longer be present.

Factory reset is helpful when you need your device to be in its original state when you purchase it from the company and want to remove all other customizations and anything harmful to your device. Hence, it is necessary for many conditions.

You can efficiently perform a factory reset on windows 11 by following the method described here.

Things to do Before Performing Factory Reset

Factory reset is essential in many cases, but not all devices are ready to go in a factory reset. There are some precautions to take before going into factory reset. Below is a list of some measures to take before factory reset.

  • Make sure you have backed up the critical data from the system.
  • Deactivate or take a record of all the credentials of the software you have purchased.
  • Erase all the data from the hard drive after backup.
  • Ensure that the copy of Windows you have should not be corrupted.
  • When you start the system afresh, do not rush in all software and drivers. Instead, load them efficiently.

Why do you need to Reset Windows 11 to the factory setting

The two most important reasons we need a factory reset are below.

1. Sell our device

The first and most common reason is that when we need to sell our system to anyone, we need a factory reset of our device so that this device setting is like when it was released from the factory. Important to note here is to install all critical updates of the OS after the reset process is finished because this process returns the device and OS build version to the old one when left from the factory. So install updates to make your PC secure.

2. Performance Issues

Sometimes our system’s performance decreases for many reasons, and we don’t know the reason precisely, so we need to remove all our customization to work as was when left from the factory.

Reset Windows 11 to the factory setting.

Start the factory reset process in windows 11 following the given function.

  • Click Start > Settings > System > Recovery. Then, select Reset PC.

You can start the Reset PC process from the sign-in screen or use a recovery drive or installation media to enter recovery mode during boot-up/start-up. Press the shift key while selecting Restart to boot into local recovery mode.

How to reset windows 11 to factory setting-1

Now you will find two different options, as shown in the pic. Now select anyone based on your system’s use after resetting it. If you plan to use it again after resetting it, choose the Keep my files option, and if you plan to sell this system after resetting it, then choose to Remove everything.

what you want to keep for to reset windows 11 to factory setting

After you complete your desired option, you will have two options.

how would you want to reset your windows 11

1. Cloud Download to reset windows 11 to the factory setting

If you choose the cloud download option, the windows installation file will be downloaded from the Windows server, and if you select this option, you should have an internet connection. This option is safe if your local installation file is corrupted or has any attack risk.

2. Local Reinstall

If you select the Local Reinstall option, your windows files will be downloaded from local windows. This process is much faster and easier than the above option but is not as safe as Cloud Download. For a safe procedure, we recommend Cloud Download.

After choosing either reinstall option, you will see Additional settings. To continue the process with no settings changes, click Next.

If you want to make changes, click Change settings. You can clean the drive entirely by clicking Yes under Clean data. Or download Windows from the cloud by clicking No under Download Windows? 

choose option to reset windows 11 to facotry setting

After this confirmation, the final screen will appear here, and the reinstalling process will start now. If you still want to cancel, your choice; you can still have a chance to do that, but if you areedaren’t interested in the whole process and let it be complete, resetting the process will be completed.

preparing to reset windows 11

Finally, after completing the process, your PC will reboot, and the OS will start as you have chosen the option.

Once the Operating System is in place, the installer will run through a series of processes to complete the installation. These include prompts for country or region, language, keyboard layout, and privacy settings, as you have already done during Windows installation if you have ever experienced it. Logging in to a Microsoft account completes the process. Once the out-of-box experience finishes, the Windows 11 desktop will be in the same state as when it left the factory. If you plan to sell or hand off the PC to someone else, it’s ready to go. If you plan to return it to its original user, substantial work remains remaining to restore the user’s preferences and customizations.

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