How to Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings

Aamir Khan

Sometimes our system slows down and doesn’t work as before, so we need to do something to remove the cache and other tips to make it work faster. After purchasing a windows 10 laptop, at first, it works faster. With time, it becomes slower, creating an uncomfortable feeling during work. So we want our system to work like before we purchased it. So in this guide, we will learn How to Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings so that it works swifter than before.

If you face issues during the reset process, we also solve them. A factory reset is a system to go the original setting as it was first produced in the factory line. So be aware that if you have any setting it will be restored to the setting as it was manufactured in the factory.

Also, factory resetting the windows device will remove anything from it. So we do a factory reset for the following purpose;

  • To sell our system
  • To go back to the original setting

So if we are going to sell our PC or laptop, then we first copy our essential data and files and then do a factory reset process. To remove anything. If you are not going to sell your device, we recommend you create a backup of your device and important files and settings.

After you have backed up your important files and data or don’t want to do a backup. Now carefully read How to Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings.

Reset Windows 10 to Factory Settings

To reset windows 10 to factory settings, follow this guide;

  • Click on the Windows icon in the taskbar or press the windows button on the keyboard; you can also use the search bar and write the setting.
Reset Windows 10 to Factory Setting
  • After the settings windows are opened, navigate for “Updates and Security,” If you face any difficulty finding, then write Updates and Security in the search bar at the top.
Reset Windows 10 to Factory Setting
  • Now Update and Security menu is opened in front of you. On this window, you can easily see different tabs on the left. You have also seen Recovery, and we need this option for our factory reset process. Click on this option.
Reset Windows 10 to Factory Setting
  • Now at the top of the Recovery option, you will see an option saying, ‘Reset this PC.’ Under this option, there is also a paragraph of text, and under it is also an option to get started.
Reset Windows 10 to Factory Setting
  • After clicking on get started, there will be a window in which you have two given options.
    • Remove everything
    • Keep my files
  • Both are important, and you should remember that the first option will remove everything and reset to the device’s setting during manufacturing. At the same time, other option will not delete your personal files but reset the device.
  • If you select keep my files, the process will start immediately, skipping the other steps. While on the other hand, if you select Remove everything, there will be another window in which you can choose whether to remove files from your device or completely wipe the drive. We recommend the second option if you want to reset your device fully. 
  • Now windows will confirm from you whether you want to begin this process. Keep in mind that this is the last option. After that, there is no return. So make sure that you want to wipe out your device.
  • Now after confirming, you can’t do anything except wait. It will take some time, depending on which option you select and how much data you have on the selected drive. So wait, it may take a couple of hours.

After the restart, you will have your device as it was brand new. Now you can set your device again. You can also reset windows 11 to the factory setting similarly with just a few changes.

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