How to prevent mac from sleep when Display is Off

Aamir Khan

Almost all Operating Systems have a feature in which the System automatically goes to sleep after some time when it is not used. This feature is helpful when the system is idle for some time. And there is no work to save system energy; it goes automatically to sleep. Today we will see this feature in the MacOS. Although this feature is good and you need it. But sometimes, it becomes irritating. So in, this guide will teach us How to prevent mac from sleep when Display is Off.

For instance, your computer sleeps during this period when you are doing something that takes too much time. So be with us in this guide to prevent mac from sleep when Display is Off.

Prevent Mac from Entering Sleep Mode While Display is Inactive

Although the macOS 13 Ventura update may not be a significant overhaul, many substantial changes have been made beneath the surface. While some users have appreciated the newly redesigned user interface, others have expressed discontent with the revamp, citing the relocation of crucial features like Hot Corners, keyboard shortcuts, network locations, and other elements as a primary concern.

Moreover, stopping your Mac from entering into sleep is useful when a work file is too big and takes too much time to process, so your computer may sleep during this time. To avoid this, follow the given guide;

  • Access the System Settings app on your Mac operating macOS 13 Ventura or later. Then you can launch the app directly from your applications folder or access it through the drop-down menu in the Apple menu.
prevent mac from sleep when Display is Off
  • Scroll down and choose Displays in the sidebar. 
  • On the next screen, click on the tiny Advanced button. 
prevent mac from sleep when Display is Off
  • Next, ensure you have enabled the toggle “Prevent automatic sleeping on power adapter when display is off” within the System Settings app. Once you have verified this setting, you can exit the application.
  • Now click Done to finish it.
prevent mac from sleep when Display is Off

Congratulations! You have successfully prevented your Mac from entering sleep mode while the display is inactive. This means you can continue working on your computer without interruptions or disruptions, even if the screen goes dark. This helpful feature can come in handy when you need to briefly step away from your computer or work on a task that doesn’t require constant screen attention.

It is important to note that this setting is only available on macOS 13 Ventura or later versions. You can still access this feature if you are using macOS 12 Monterey or earlier. But it will be located within the Energy Saver panel if you do not see the option to prevent automatic sleeping in the System Settings app. Then you may need to access the Energy Saver panel instead.

If you ever want to reverse this setting or notice that your Mac’s battery drains rapidly, you can always return to the exact location and turn off the toggle. Monitoring your Mac’s battery life regularly and adjusting your power settings to ensure your device runs efficiently is essential.

In conclusion, this feature is a valuable tool for Mac users who must continue working on their devices without interruption. You can maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow by preventing automatic sleeping while the display is inactive. Don’t hesitate to try it out and see how it can benefit you.

And this option also saves energy on your laptop’s battery. It last longer than usual in the situation you are away from home, and also it is essential to work. You also enable this option to sleep your System when the display is off and turn on low power mode. And if you are working on light mode, turn on your dark mode to prevent extra energy losses.

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