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At first, when we installed windows 10, it worked smoothly and without any hassle, and we did our work more efficiently. But with time, the system responds slowly, and the efficiency is decreasing due to unknown factors, and we don’t know why our system is not working correctly, and in the end, it hangs, and we have no option left without restarting it. It is essential to take those measures which make our PC work faster.

By installing SSD on your system can boost the speed of your system to almost 10x. It’s not complex or complicated to make your windows ten work faster, more efficiently, and more smoothly; you need to know a few tricks and simple tips. Everyone can try these tricks, even if he is a new user. This article will mainly cover how to make our windows 10 work faster.

Main Focus Areas

Here are a few main points on which we will work in this article and will see how our system will perform faster.

  1. Operating system tweaks
  2. Software enhancements
  3. App replacement or removal

While from the rest of these, if we upgrade our hardware, this process will also work, and this includes increasing RAM replacing HDD with SSD and increasing the cores of CPU, and many more.

Operating System Tweaks

Here we will demonstrate how to make your pc run faster without hardware upgrades.

1. Turn on the gaming mode

If you are a gamer facing speed issues on your PC, this trick will greatly help you. Turn it on as shown below;

Make your PC work faster by turning on game mode

To turn it ON, open Settings > Gaming and choose Game Mode. Tap the toggle switch below Game Mode.

If this is already ON, click the windows+G to activate gaming mode. If this doesn’t work, then first, manually turn it ON. By using gaming mode, you can enhance the performance of any app that you think will consume a lot of time for running.

Unfortunately, this mode can only enhance gaming performance to a few points. This option is just valid for gamers only. Gaming mode is also helpful for those apps which use graphics cards like Adobe Photoshop, Premier pro-Illustrator and many more apps which use the graphics card

2. Turn off visual effects

Windows offers an easy way to shut off all visual enhancements.

  1. Click on the Windows logo.
  2. Start typing, Adjust the appearance and performance of windows, and click enter.
  3. Select the Adjust for best performance to shut off all visual effects.
  4. Click Okay.

Disabling all visual effects will boost your system speed to some extent, mainly in old pc or pc with low graphics cards.

3. Boost up your processor

You can select one of the following in your battery or power plan setting.

Make your PC work faster by boosting processor by making it to use high power to perform well

If you want your pc work faster and more smoothly, choose the High-Performance option for the entire power user at maximum efficiency. This will boost your CPU speed to a greater extent.

But if you are a laptop user, we recommend a Balanced power plan to save your battery power and increase its life to run more when you are away from the charging spot.

4. Turn off auto-starting apps and programs

When you install some apps or programs, these are running in the background. Without some of the programs that are useful for our PC, we don’t need all the programs to run in the background of our system.

All these add up in the background and slow down your pc to a greater extent. We click these keys together, Ctrl + Shift + Esc, to enter the Windows Task Manager to check which apps and programs are running in the background.

Make your PC work faster by customizing start up apps

Now you can see the apps currently running in the background and those that are disabled.

Left-click on any app you want to disable and then click disable

Now, this app will remain disabled until I change its status. This option will significantly increase your system speed as the system will get rid of background apps.

5. Manage Windows update

Windows update is an essential feature that keeps devices from slowing down.

Now when the windows updates are running in the background, it also hogs down the system and slows it down.

Now you can set a time when the windows update will install in the background, not during working hours.

Make your PC work faster by updating windows to latest vesion

To configure Windows Update to run only at specific hours:

  1. Type Windows Update settings into the Windows Search Bar and run the configuration utility.
  2. Under the heading Update settings, choose Change active hours.
  3. You can change the active hours on this menu by clicking on Change Active Hours. We advise changing it to a period when the computer is on but unused.

These settings will limit the update installation only during your free time and will not disrupt you during work.

Clean up Cache

When we do some work on our system, this is temporarily stored in the cache memory. With time, the cache memory becomes packed due to too much cache stored in the cache memory, and its system will start responding slowly, and its working is affected. You can solve this problem by cache-removing tools like WinDirStat for Windows (Free).

Windows 10 Software Enhancements

Here is a list of a few software that can enhance your PC’s speed of your pc to a greater extent.

  • RAM Drive
  • Malware Scanner
  • Registry Cleaner by CC Cleaner

We can enhance our Windows ten speed and work by adequately using this software.

Removing inadequate and useless apps

We can also make our pc run faster by removing such apps that we don’t need at all, but we think these apps are essential for us; these apps are harmful to your system to work correctly, like Video players, browsers, and bit torrents.

Here is the alternative to these apps, which can’t cause any issue with your pc at all

  • Sumatra PDF Reader
  • VLC Video Player
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • QBittorrent

Adopting all the listed methods can speed up your pc and work even more efficiently and smoothly.

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