How to get admin rights on Windows 10 without Password

Aamir Khan

Administration right gives you access to almost all aspects of your computer. If you are an admin of your system, you can access and edit the files inaccessible to ordinary users. There are also common chances of forgetting the Password of your admin. Now, if you forgot your admin password, how can you get admin rights on Windows 10 without Password?

Here we will thoroughly guide you on How to get admin rights on Windows 10 without Password. It is not a complicated process, but we have divided it into small parts so you can digest it easily.

Accessing/login an Existing Administrative Account

Access to administrator rights is accessed by logging in with your existing administrative account. To do so, the user must go through a procedure.

Now, first of all, reboot or restart your system to get the advanced boot upgrade option. Meanwhile, navigate the safe mode by clicking enter. After selecting Safe Mode, you will be directed to the login screen, where the Administrator icon will be visible. Once in the Control Panel, you can navigate to the User Accounts section to access the Family Safety option. And then Family Safety option can be found in the User Accounts section of the Control Panel.

get admin rights on Windows 10 without a Password

Clicking it there will open a window which grants you access to the system’s available user accounts. Now choose any account you want or for which you have lost your Password. And you can change your Password by clicking the ‘change your password’ option.

Now create a Password that is simple for you and not forgettable but much safer than anyone else can access it. After completing your Password, restart your system, and now you can log in to that account with the new Password we created without any difficulty.

Creating a New Password or Administrator Account

Now, if you have forgotten the Password of your Administrator account, you have lost all administrator rights or privileges and can’t perform any task necessary for your system.

Now, in this case, you don’t need to worry about how you can access your admin account and get admin rights without your Password. Here we will provide you with two different methods to reaccess your administrator account. So carefully follow this guide.

1. Resetting Password Using a USB Drive

To perform this procedure, you must have access to a separate device. Locate a work computer and download the Windows password reset tool onto it. Once you have downloaded the tool, launch the application and choose the USB device as your target for burning the software.

You may be asked whether you want to format your USB or not. After you have done this process, change the USB password to a simpler one that you can remember in future also. Now you have reset your Password; you can now pick your admin account and be able to enter the new Password which we have recently created. You gain access to your device’s administrator account when you do so.

2. Bootable USB Password Reset

If you still can’t access your administrator account in case you have forgotten it’s Password with the above-described method, then you can use a bootable USB to get administrator privilege of your admin account. Connect your USB drive to the computer and reboot your system. When the manufacturer’s logo appears during rebooting and then continues pressing the boot option key, that is different for different brands. For Dell, it is F12, while for the generic HP, the boot menu keys are Esc and F9. The key to access most models’ HP laptop boot menu is Esc (the HP Pavilion boot menu is no exception). The universal HP BIOS keys are Esc, F10, and F1.

In the Boot menu, select the USB we have already connected to our system and boot from it. You can also prioritize your USB drive as the first boot device. In that situation, you can enter the UEFI BIOS utility window by turning on the computer and pressing the UEFI key. Select the USB password from the submenu and make any necessary password changes.

Now you have successfully changed the Forgotten Password of your system to get administrator privilege, but you are still confused between the traditional Password reset USB and bootable password reset. To know details about this, visit the following website.


If you have read this guide, you will know How to get admin rights on Windows 10 without Password. The above are simple and easy steps that you follow step by step to gain admin rights of your system in case you don’t have an admin account login password.

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