How to Factory Reset Windows 7

Aamir Khan

What is factory reset, and why must we reset our devices? The answer is simple: do we want our device to be in the original factory setting, or will we sell our device and don’t want our data to be in the wrong hands after selling? There are also chances that the device may get slow and lagging, so we need to remove all files and corrupt data by which the device is responding slowly or lagging. In addition, resetting your device to its factory settings can be a viable solution if it becomes infected with viruses or malware and cannot boot up properly. And we also do a factory reset to improve our system performance and speed. This article will let you know how to easily Factory Reset Windows 7.

Follow these detailed steps to get your computer back to the original state when you purchased it or when it was first manufactured.

Prepare Your Windows 7 to Perform a Factory Reset

Keep in mind that by performing a factory reset, all of your data, files, and installed software or apps will be deleted, so before that, you should create a backup of your system. After the reset, you can install Windows and your other software and programs again.

You must do a few preparations before entering the windows seven reset.

  • Back up your files: If there are important files and documents on your computer, never forget to create a backup of these files because once the restore process is done, you can’t recover these files. So create a backup of these files on external or online cloud storage.
  • Uninstall any programs you don’t want to keep: If there are junk files and any other software or app that is useless for you installed, then before entering into the process of resetting, first delete these files or uninstall such programs and software. It frees space, which will be helpful in the resetting process by speeding up your process.
  • Make a list of the programs you need to reinstall: If you want to use your laptop or PC after resetting, don’t forget to create a list of all the essential software and programs. You can install all of them after completing the reset process.
  • Have your product key ready: If you reset the windows, you need a product key for activation. You can easily find it on your computer’s sticker or user manual. If you can’t find it, you can use a program like ProduKey to retrieve it.
  • Create a recovery drive: If, in a simple way, you are facing errors and can’t reset your PC. Then you should have to create a recovery drive and use it to reset your PC. You need a USB drive of at least 4GB storage size to create a recovery drive.

How to Factory Reset Windows 7

Now that you have successfully created a backup, stored your data, and prepared your PC for restoration, you can choose one method to reset your windows 7.

  • Use An Installation CD/DVD
  • Use System Restore
  • Use Safe Mode

Here we will completely explain all methods in detail. So if any one of the methods is not working, you can try another one.

1. Factory Reset with An Installation CD/DVD

If you have the original windows 7 installation disk, you can easily reset your PC even if you have forgotten its password. Windows 7 installation CD/DVD also helps to repair your PC if there are any errors.

Factory Reset Windows 7

Follow this guide to reset your windows 7 by using the windows 7 installation disk.

  • Click the F8 or F12 key repeatedly when the company logo appears during boot time.
  • In the boot option, select the CD/DVD drive you store in the system.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall windows 7.

2. Factory Reset from System Restore

There are built-in features in all Microsft OS, using which you can easily restore your device to the state when it was first manufactured in the factory. This is helpful when software is causing issues in your system.

  • Click the start button and start typing “restore” in the search box; now you will see an option saying  “System Restore” click on this option.
Factory Reset Windows 7
  •  Click the “Choose a different restore point” option, then click “Next.”
  • Choose the latest system checkpoint from the “On this list, click a restore point” section, and proceed by clicking “Next.”
  • Click on “Finish” and then Yes to start the restore process.

After the process, your system is restored to its original state. If you want to use it again, then set it again.

3. Factory Reset with Safe Mode

As the new laptop doesn’t have CD ROM or you don’t have an installation CD/DVD, first boot in a safe mood and then reset your windows 7. Here is given how to do it;

  • Press the F8 key when the computer’s brand logo appears to enter the safe mode.
  • Then select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” at the Advanced Boot Options window. 
Factory Reset Windows 7
  • Click enter key, and then you log in as Administrator.
  • Enter the command “rstrui.exe” when Command Prompt appears, then click Enter key.
  • Then follow the instruction to perform System Restore.

After you have done this will take some time to reset your pc original state. If you are windows 10 or windows 11 user, you can reset your PC to the original position with a few changes.

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