How to Enable Dark Mode on Mac

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Enable Dark Mode in Mac

What is the Dark Mode on Mac, and to Enable Dark Mode on Mac? Dark Mode is a feature of Mac which convert the UI(user interface) of the Mac into a dark theme. It is a theme which converts UI to dark.

Many users love to work with dark Mode o,n or like to use this Mode when there is little light or nightfall. Moreover, dark Mode saves a lot of battery and protects your eyes. In dark Mod,e all the screen is dark, and just a little area of text is converted into light, making reading this lighted text easier.

Plus, a study by Google found that you’ll use 60% less energy on a device with Dark Mode enabled. 

We will teach you how to Enable Dark Mode on Mac, and you can also ask Siri to change your light theme into a dark one. If you want to switch from light to Dark Mode, you can change the Mode in the Control Center.

Enable Dark Mode on macOS

Dark Mode is available in macOS Mojave (version 10.14) and later macOS versions. And also available on macOS Ventura/Monterey/Big Sur. While changing the theme on macOS may not be complicated or tricky, several different methods are available for enabling Dark Mode that users can choose from depending on their preferences. In the following paragraphs, we will outline some techniques to help you quickly switch to Dark Mode on your Mac.

Enable Dark Mode in System Settings

Almost all users can enable dark Mode from system settings if they plan to download MacOS Ventura. Dark Mode can be enabled on macOS versions from Ventura, Monterey, and High Sierra back to OS X Yosemite.

Check the steps below to change your OS UI to dark.

  •  Click the Apple menu and choose “System Settings“.
Enable Dark Mode in Mac
  •  Click “Appearance“.
Enable Dark Mode in Mac
  • Now you can change the appearance by choosing the option “Dark“.

Enable with Siri

There is a much faster and simple way to enable dark Mode with the help of Siri for Apple users. Siri is Apple’s voice assistant that can perform the following functions;

  • Setting reminders and alarms
  • Making phone calls and sending text messages
  • Sending emails
  • Setting calendar events and appointments
  • Providing directions and navigation
  • Checking weather and current conditions
  • Performing calculations and conversions
  • Playing music
  • Providing news updates
  • Making reservations and bookings
  • Searching the web
  • Controlling smart home devices
  • Opening apps and performing actions within them
  • Translating languages
  • Finding photos and videos
  • Reading notifications and messages aloud
  • Checking sports scores and schedules
  • Providing recommendations for nearby places to eat and drink
  • Giving general knowledge answers to questions
  • Telling jokes and stories.

Here we ask Siri to change our current Mode to dark Mode;

  • Press and hold the key that displays a microphone icon until Siri appears on the screen.
  •  Then say “Turn on Dark Mode” to Siri.

Enable Dark Mode in Control Center

This is much simple and easy method to enable dark Mode on Mac. But not all MacOS have an option in the Control panel to switch between Dark and Light Mode. Although the Control Center option for switching between Dark Mode and Light Mode is only available on MacOS Big Sur and the latest versions of the operating system, there are other methods users can use to toggle between the two modes on earlier versions of MacOS.

We will show you how to make Mac Dark Mode in Control Center:

  • Click the icon we framed in the Apple menu bar.
  • Then click on “Display“.

Click on “Dark Mode”, and the Mode will switch to dark instantly.

Now your UI will be changed to dark, and it is also saving your battery with eye protection.

Turn on Dark or Light Mode in Apps

Now the OS user interface is totally changed into a dark theme, but a few apps are still in their previous theme. Like in windows, there are also a few built-in apps that can be changed to dark themes. Given are a few apps that can also be changed to dark theme manually;

  • Safari – Go to Safari > Preferences > General > Appearance and select “Dark” from the “Appearance” drop-down menu.
  • Mail – Go to Mail > Preferences > Viewing and select “Use dark backgrounds for messages” to enable the dark theme.
  • Finder – Go to Finder > Preferences > General and select “Use dark menu bar and Dock” to enable the dark theme for the Finder.
  • Notes – Go to Notes > Preferences > General and select “Use dark backgrounds for note content” to enable the dark theme.
  • Messages – Go to Messages > Preferences > General and select “Use dark theme” to enable the dark theme for the Messages app.
  • Calendar – Go to Calendar > Preferences > General and select “Use dark mode” to enable the dark theme.
  • Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – Go to the app’s preferences, then click “General” and select “Dark” from the “Appearance” drop-down menu to enable the dark theme.

The availability of dark features depends on the version of your MacOS.

You can turn off or switch from Dark Mode to Light Mode in Mac System Settings. Alternatively, you can access the “Display” settings by clicking on the Apple menu bar and turning off Dark Mode. Another easy way to switch to Light Mode is by using Siri. Call Siri to say, “Turn off Dark Mode” or “Turn on Light Mode”.

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