How to create Windows 11 Installation Media

Aamir Khan

If you want to install Windows 11 on your system, then you should have an installation media by using that you can perform a clean installation. For installing Windows 11, you’ll need to create an installation media using a USB flash drive. Microsoft Media creation tool is one of the best tools used to create an installation media for Windows 11, and we also have a third-party software, Rufus. This guide will thoroughly explain how to make Windows 11 Installation Media.

Furthermore, using this bootable USB can facilitate a smooth transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11, in addition to providing a solution to any errors that may arise during reinstallation.


Before we plunge into creating installation media, here are a few things we should keep in mind and a few other things we need to create Windows 11 Installation Media.

For this, you should download Windows 11 ISO images that you can easily download from the official Microsoft page. To download an ISO image, follow the given steps.

  • Visit the official Microsoft page to download Windows 11.
  • Move until you see the ‘Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO).
  • Then select Windows 11.
  • Now click on the download button to proceed.
  • After it, you will be asked for additional information, like you should select your preferred language.
  • After selecting your language, confirm your selection by clicking the confirm button.
  • After that, select your 64-bit architecture.

After that, your download will start automatically, which will take some time. This time mainly depends on the speed of your internet. After you have downloaded your file, we can move to the next step in creating the installation media.

2 Simple Ways to create Windows 11 Installation Media

Here we explain the two simple ways/methods of creating bootable USB for windows 11.

1. Create a bootable USB using Rufus

In the first method, we will use third-party software to create a bootable USB. Rufus is a free and straightforward tool to create a bootable USB for not only windows 11 but also use it to make a bootable USB for windows 10. It’s a fast and reliable tool widely used by many tech enthusiasts. To create a bootable USB using Rufus, follow these steps:

create Windows 11 Installation Media
  • After the download, run the software and click “Yes” if prompted by UAC.
  • If you haven’t already connected your USB, connect it, and it will appear in the “Device” section.
  • In the “Boot selection” scroll-down, select “Disk or ISO image” and then click the “SELECT” button.
  • After selecting Windows 11 ISO File, click the OPEN button.
  • To create a bootable drive for either a supported or unsupported system, select either “Standard Windows 11 Installation (TPM 2.0 + Secure Boot)” or “Extended Windows 11 Installation (no TPM / no Secure Boot)” from the “Image” drop-down menu.
  • Keep both the “Partition scheme (GPT)” and “Target system (UEFI)” as default, and don’t alter this setting.
  • Under the volume label section, give your USB a specific name.
  • Keep both the “File system” and “Cluster size” options and any other options as default.
  • Never forget to check the box of “Quick format” and “Create extended label and icon files” options.
create Windows 11 Installation Media
  • To initiate creating a bootable USB for Windows 11, click the Start button.
create Windows 11 Installation Media

It will take some time to complete and depends on your computer speed. Therefore, once the process is completed, your USB will be fully bootable, allowing you to use it as a recovery or installation tool for Windows 11 whenever needed.

2. Using Media Creation Tool

Microsoft windows provide a valuable tool to create windows 11 installation media if you don’t want to enter into any fuss. This is a straightforward way to create a bootable USB for windows 11. To create a bootable USB using the Media Creation Tool, follow these steps:

  • First, connect a USB drive with at least 8GB of storage space to your system.
  • Make sure that your drivers don’t have any issues and are working, and if you have any data in it, move it to a safe drive or make a backup because creating a bootable USB first will erase your drive.
  • Now, download the Media Creation Tool from the official Microsoft website.
create Windows 11 Installation Media
  • Download the Media Creation Tool from the “Create Windows 11 Installation Media” section.
  • Now run the MediacreationtoolW11.exe file following the prompt.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking accept.
  • Please choose the language that you want during installation and after it also.
create Windows 11 Installation Media
  • Now select in which media you are going to create installation media.
  • As we have already connected USB to our system, click on the USB flash drive and choose your USB from the available list.
  • Now media creation tool will start downloading and creating your USB bootable.
  • Wait during this time, which takes much time because it depends on your system’s speed.
  • When the message “your USB flash drive is ready” appears, click Finish to close the setup wizard.

Now you have a bootable USB that you can use for booting your device and performing a clean install of windows 11.

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