How to check for Windows 11 updates

Aamir Khan

If you recently updated your system from windows 10 to windows 11 and after a couple of weeks, you didn’t get any update, your system has a problem. Moreover, it also keeps your OS up to date. Furthermore, if your PC is not updated, it will slow down, and there may be many errors. Today we will show you a complete guide on How to check for Windows 11 updates.

The windows update service also comes with the driver update of the device. Therefore, if there are no errors, the update service will run in the background automatically and check for updates and driver updates. But sometimes, OS falls into some errors, and you should manually check your device for updates to keep your system, Operating system, and other devices up to date.

Check and install updates via the Settings app in Windows 11

Additionally, to check and install updates from the settings, you can follow the guide to check your Windows for updates manually.

  • To access Windows Update settings, open the Settings app and navigate to the left-hand side, where you will find the option for Windows Update.
check for Windows 11 updates
  • On the right side of the Windows Update settings page, locate the “Check for updates” button and click on it to initiate the update search process.
check for Windows 11 updates
  • Now windows will start checking if any updates are available. If the updates are available, it will begin downloading them automatically.

Specific updates, such as non-security-related ones, may not be set to install automatically. If an update of this nature is available, you will see an option to download and install it, indicated by a corresponding button. To initiate the update installation process, click the “Download and install” button next to the applicable update.

check for Windows 11 updates

Check for optional updates in Windows 11

If you ponder, you will see another option to download and install optional updates. These are also downloaded and installed after clicking the button saying download and install optional updates.

So, here is how to install optional updates in Windows 11.

  • Go to Settings > Windows Update page.
  • In the More options section, click Advanced options.
check for Windows 11 updates
  • To access the Optional updates, navigate to the Additional options section and click on the corresponding option.
  • On the Optional updates page, you will find a comprehensive list of available updates for Windows 11, including optional updates and driver updates. To view the optional updates specifically for Windows 11, click on the Windows Updates option. Likewise, to check out the optional driver updates, click on the Driver updates option.
  • Select the updates you want to download and install, and then click on download and install.

It will start downloading now, and when it is completed, the installation process will start automatically.

Check and install updates via PowerShell

If you cannot check and install updates from the easy setting app, you can check and install updates through windows Powershell. Follow the guide to check for updates and install them through PowerShell.

  • After finding the Windows PowerShell using the search function, right-click on its entry in the search results and select the “Run as administrator” option. Then, click on the “Yes” button to confirm the action.
check for Windows 11 updates
  • Once the PowerShell window is open, copy and paste the given command into the window. This command enables the execution of commands signed by a trusted publisher.
  • After that, type the given command and then click enter.

Install-Module PSWindowsUpdate

  • When the message “NuGet provider is required to continue” appears, type the letter “A” and press the Enter key to initiate the installation of the required module.
  • If you encounter the “Untrusted repository” message, type “Y” and press Enter to install the PowerShell Windows Update module. This should resolve the issue and complete the installation process.
check for Windows 11 updates
  • Copy and paste this command now:
  • To check, download and install all available updates, use this command:
  • Get-WindowsUpdate -AcceptAll -Install –AutoReboot
  • Press the Enter key to initiate checking for updates, downloading, and installing the updates on your computer. After the updates have been installed, it is recommended that you restart your computer to complete the installation process.
check for Windows 11 updates

Now you are up to date. But if you cannot update your PC, reinstall windows 11 again.

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