How do I delete a Gmail Account

Aamir Khan

If you made a Gmail account a long time ago and are embraced by the email messages from this account, then here we will show you how to delete a Gmail Account.

Since the Gmail account was created only a year ago, deleting it is much more straightforward and easy. If you wish to eliminate embarrassing usernames, you can also do that.

First of all, be sure if you have done deleting, you can never take it back. So deleting an account is permanent. Furthermore, this account’s emails, messages, and data will be deleted. If you have any crucial data, then first save it. Deleting your Gmail will render you unable to perform any processes, such as sending or receiving emails, as you will not have access to it.

However, deleting a Gmail account will not remove other google accounts. You still have access to your google pay, google Calendar, Google Drive, and many more. You must provide another email address to sign in to your other accounts.

This guide will show you how to delete a Gmail Account.

Deleting a Gmail account

  • Sign into your Gmail account on
delete a Gmail Account
  • To access your account setting click on the grid icon at the top right side of your screen, as you can see in the given image.
delete a Gmail Account
  • Select the data and privacy menu in the left pane.
delete a Gmail Account
  • Scroll to “Data from apps and services you use.”
  • To initiate the deletion of a Google service, click “Delete a Google service” in the “Download or delete your data” section. It may be necessary to log in to your account first.
delete a Gmail Account
  • Next to “Gmail,” click “Delete.”
  • Enter an alternate email address (it cannot be another Gmail address).

Use the email address you have access to because you will need this email to delete the account later.

  • Click “Send Verification Email.”
  • You should have received an email from Google at your alternate email address. Open that email.
  • Here you received a link to delete your account.
  • Now log in to your account to delete the account you want.
  • Select “Yes, I want to delete (example)”
  • To delete your Gmail account, click “Delete Gmail” and “Done.”

Google Account Help says, “If you use Gmail through your work, school, or other group, contact your administrator.” The account administrator is the only one who can delete the Gmail account.

Although Google does not provide any specific information on how long it takes to delete your data after you submit a request, you can recover your Gmail address and emails if you change your mind after some time.

You can also delete your whole google account instead of removing your email address. To delete your google address, follow the guide below;

Deleting a Google Account

  • Follow steps 1-3 above.
  • Click on “Your data and privacy options.”
  • In the More options, click on “Delete your Google account.”
delete a Gmail Account

Deleting a google account means deleting all data you have stored on different google accounts like Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Photos accounts. All the data on these accounts will be permanently lost and deleted, and after deletion, you don’t have access to recover these accounts, and you can’t recover all the data in these accounts. Even if any Google chrome browser is synced with the deleted google account, all the stored data, like browser information, including bookmarks, will also be deleted. You can’t use this account to purchase and download apps from Google Play Store and Youtube. So be careful in deleting your Google account.

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