How to fix Sleep Mode in Windows 11

Aamir Khan

Sleep mode in Windows conserves system resources and battery. And when you are not working or want to keep your ...

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Windows 11

Aamir Khan

Windows 11 was recently launched by Microsoft, and it has excellent features and functionality compared with windows 10. If we ...

Enable Dark Mode in Mac

How to Enable Dark Mode on Mac

Aamir Khan

What is the Dark Mode on Mac, and to Enable Dark Mode on Mac? Dark Mode is a feature of ...

enable dark mode in windows 10

How to Enable Dark mode on Windows 10

Aamir Khan

Are you using the default color and themes of windows 10, and you want to change the brightness and colors ...

create backup of windows 10

How to Create backup of Windows 10

Aamir Khan

If we are online, we can’t say we are safe from hackers and data stealers. Such agents always look around ...

Speed up Windows 11

How to Speed up Windows 11

Aamir Khan

Microsoft has recently launched its new Operating System, Windows 11, and it has the most advanced features that the OS ...

how to make windows 10 look like MAc

How to make Windows 10 look like Mac

Aamir Khan

If you like the Mac look, appreciate the Windows functionality, and work for your software, you are already running. Or ...

How to Create Windows 11 Backup image

Aamir Khan

You have repeatedly done Backup from your computer’s hard drive to external media like another drive or on the cloud. ...

What is SSD? Everything you Need to Know about SSD

Aamir Khan

Have you ever heard about SSD and don’t know much about it? Then today, we will talk thoroughly about it ...

Best Tools to test the Speed and Health of SSD

Aamir Khan

SSD is very common and almost installed on every PC for many reasons. On average, the life span of the ...

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