Best Tools to test the Speed and Health of SSD

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SSD is very common and almost installed on every PC for many reasons. On average, the life span of the SSD is nearly 25% more than the life span of a hard drive, and if you compare the speed, the SSD is almost, on average, 10x faster than HDD. This comparison is for the SSD with the lowest or slowest pace in the market. You should need software or tools to test the speed and health of your SSD and ensure how fast your SSD is from your previous HDD.

It’s accepted in the market that SSD has an immense effect on the speed and performance of the system. Even you can add SSD to your older pc to make it faster and for reliable work; your older pc is now almost 10x faster.

Now we should be here to determine our SSD speed and to check how fast it is to our previous drive; for that, you should need tools to test the speed and health of your SSD. There are hundreds of SSD speed checker software, and we even need to check its health to save our data from loss, As SSD is fragile and can be damaged after excessive use. So you should be more careful about its health if you want not to lose our data.

There are thousands of software to check its health and performance, and we will list the best software here on their performance and yield.

6 Best software or tools to Test the speed and health of SSD (2022)

If you are serious about checking the speed and health of your SSD and also want to visualize its performance, then remain with us to the end.


PRICE: Free 
COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022
.NET4.8~ (2.0~)

Now in the market, the best SSD health and speed checker is CrystalDiskInfo. Programmes work efficiently, and it shows detailed information about your drive. It doesn’t just work for SSD. It works the same for HDD so you can use it for both purposes. You can check the temperature, and read/write speed, detect potential errors and manage the overall health of your SSD using CrystalDiskInfo.  

CrystalDiskInfo-ssd speed and health check tool


  • Uses SMART Technology with a graphing tool. 
  • It supports sending alerts if there are any potential SSD errors. 
  • Ability to set the alarm if the temperature exceeds. 
  • Great SSD utility that helps a part of USB, Intel/AMD RAID & NVMe. 


  • Receives infrequent updates. 

The newer version of CrystalDiskInfo adds features to help you keep your PC’s hard drive healthy. This software uses SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) technology that will inform you about the future errors of your drive so that you can take timely actions and save your drive from an error.

Click here to download the CrystalDiskInfo to check the speed and health of your drive.

2. Intel Memory and Storage (MAS)

PRICE: Free 
COMPATIBILITY: Windows 8.1 Family*, Windows 11 Family*, Windows 10 Family*, Windows Server 2012 R2 family*, Windows Server 2022 family*, Windows Server 2016 family*, Windows Server 2019 family*

To find the in-depth about Intel Memory and storage here. This is also the best tool to determine all metrics of your SSD; easy installation and free of cost. This software helps the users to check the speed and to maintain its health and performance for a long time and will also notify you about the latest firmware updates. So by updating the firmware version, your system will not be bugged. In addition, you can scan it to optimize the health of your SSD.

Intel Memory and Storage


  • Displays valuable info about the free space on your drives. 
  • Tools like Performance Booster, Intel SSD Optimizer, & more. 
  • The diagnostic scan seems pretty self-explanatory.
  • Ability to perform Secure Erase processes. 


  • Works with Intel SSD (preferably). 
  • Outdated dashboard. 

New features added In Intel Memory and Storage Tool.

  • Fixed issues with diagnostic scan.
  • Updated the Intel MAS license. 
  • Fixed the issue of scheduled optimized sessions occasionally being removed from the list.

Click here to download the Intel Memory and Storage (MAS) to check the speed and health of your drive.

3. SSD Life

PRICE: Free/$19 only!
COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2009, 2003 

SSD Life is another amazing with premium features and software used to test the speed and all aspects of our SSD. This supports almost all SSD, even Apple MacBook Air’s SSD. This software will aid you in monitoring the speed, health and performance of your SSD. Although this is paid, this is the best software, but its many features are restricted to paid version only.

tools to checck the speed and health of ssd-3


  • Keep tabs on your SSD drives. 
  • Show technical information about SSD. 
  • Displays SMART attributes in the program window. 
  • It helps you discover detailed SSD health status reports online.


  • Only a 15 days trial is available. 

What’s New In SSD Life?

  • Compatible with SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive.
  • Support for Samsung 850 Pro and SanDisk Ultra Plus.

4. Smartmontools

PRICE: Free 
COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP 

It’s another famous tool for checking your SSD closely. The  Smartmontools bundle have two bundles;

  • Smart C
  • Smart D

Both bundles are really very efficient and work with almost every OS with full performance. This software is free, so you don’t need to pay for any extra tools or additional features. This is not SSD specific means it will work with all SSD of any type and provide extra maintenance to your SSD and performance.

tools to checck the speed and health of ssd-4


  • User-friendly interface, suitable for both novice & pro users. 
  • Test your drives thoroughly & determine whether they will experience errors. 
  • Lightweight software to check SSD health and performance. 
  • Efficiently run the tool on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD & more. 


  • UI may seem overwhelming to some users. 

Download Smartmontools now.

5. OCZ SSD Utility 

PRICE: Free 
COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, 8, 7, Linux, Mac

Now on our list, the best SSD utility comes from Toshiba. This is compatible with almost all versions and all windows releases. This lightweight software also provides used for cleaning and health checking. This tool enhances the performance of your SSD and is long-lasting. And this tool has a stunning and calming dashboard.

tools to checck the speed and health of ssd-5


  • Deeply scan the SSD and know all about the firmware & its associated updates. 
  • Tools to improve overall performance & stability of SSD. 
  • Provides real-time information about the SSD’s status
  • Supports almost all popular versions of Windows. 


  • Not a suitable choice for 32-bit systems.

What’s New In Toshiba SSD Utility?

  • This is a maintenance release of SSD Utility with the following enhancements:
  • The installation directory changed from Toshiba Memory Corporation to KIOXIA Corporation.
  • Bug fixes and reliability enhancements
  • Minor updates to the EULA contents and the EULA is no longer saved in the installation folder.

6. Hard Disk Sentinel

PRICE: Free Trial, $59(lifetime license)
COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP & Above, Linux

This is another best software to check all SSD and HDD metrics. This software removes the essential errors in the drive and makes its work more efficient. It deeply scans the drive and solves a number of issues and errors of solid state drive. And it also warns you about future errors and performance degradation and also shows the temperature of the drive addition with health status.

tools to checck the speed and health of ssd-6


  • It helps in tracking disk temperature. 
  • Simplistic and novice-accessible dashboard. 
  • Shows brief information on performance and health.
  • Instant SMART analyzing.


  • Nag screens. 
  • Limited free trial only. 

Now the best software is CrystalDiskInfo by Geek’s recommendation. It is easy and straightforward to handle and demonstrate the full performance of the drive and in-depth scanning.

Read more to know the difference between SSD and HDD and which one is better for your system.

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